4 Light Mule Deer Antler Chandelier

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4 Light Mule Deer Antler Chandelier


Why We Love This Product!

  • Hand-made antler chandeliers begin with hand selected shed antlers (no deer are killed). All antler products are 100% authentic.
  • The antler itself possesses beautiful color and is graceful in shape. These characteristics make the chandelier a highly unique piece of art.
  • All of our lighting components are UL Listed and approved.
  • All wiring is entirely concealed internally.
  • Any of our antler art products can be custom designed to any dimension desired by the customer.

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4 Light Mule Deer Antler Chandelier

The antlers in our chandeliers and furniture are all real. Deer, Elk, and all antlered animals shed their antlers each spring and re-grow them in time for fall mating season. Horned animals, e.g. cattle and buffalo, do not shed their horns. No animals are harmed to obtain these antlers.
Every Spring during shedding season, outdoor enthusiasts search the mountains and country side for sheds. We buy the antlers from these collectors. They come from all over the U.S..

Every piece we make is uniquely designed. We don’t just start with a few antlers and make a lamp or table; rather, we start with a vision and choose from hundreds of antlers to get just the right ones for a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing work of art. We use the finest, new antlers that aren’t old and weathered. Everything is important to us, even the smallest details. We make most items to order, so we can customize and make exactly the right chandelier to fit your taste and need. We are also UL Listed for all designs and products.


The Underwriters Laboratories Listing is a safety certification for manufacturers. Every lighting fixture we make is U.L. Listed for safety. Building inspectors in most parts of the country will require this and you will want it to insure the handcrafted fixture you are installing is safe. Each antler chandelier or lamp has a U.L. label with listing and issue number.

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH SIZE ANTLER CHANDELIER IS RIGHT FOR ME?There are many variables in deciding which antler chandelier is right for you. The most important are the room dimensions and ceiling height. A minimum starting point can be to make the sum of your room dimensions in feet equal the chandelier diameter in inches. For example, a 14′ x 16′ room would take at least a 30″ diameter chandelier. A chandelier should hang at least 6½’ off the floor for walking clearance. The greater your ceiling height the higher the chandelier will hang. The higher your chandelier will hang the smaller it will look, so appropriate diameter increases with ceiling height. If an antler chandelier is to hang over a table it should be sized according to the dimensions of the table. The chandelier should hang at least 32″ – 34″ from the table surface. If you would like help deciding which antler chandelier is right for you, call anytime and we are glad to help.

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Dimensions 26 × 18 in


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