The Refuge Lifestyle’s High Quality and Durable Furniture

We, at The Refuge Lifestyle pride ourselves in quality furniture that is built to last. From materials used for construction to the expert craftsmanship behind each piece, we want you to be pleased for years to come with your purchase.  High quality materials, that preserve the environment, are imperative to the integrity of the furniture. [...]

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Symmetry, also known as balance, is one of the most important design principles to follow when decorating your home. If done right, balance brings order and calm to a room. An unbalanced space can feel frenzied without actually understanding why. Symmetry in a room is either formal or informal depending on the decorating plan.

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Before living rooms there were parlors.  Quaint places with seating arranged to foster conversations.  Try putting down the smart phones down, turn off the television, and have meaningful conversations with each other.  You will be surprised what you will learn about your friends and family.  Be a good listener, participate in the conversation by asking [...]

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